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Geometry Dash Unblocked is an online game in which you control a rectangular block and try to get it through 15 different levels. In Practice Mode and every time you encounter an obstacle, a new level is created. The pace of your character's movement can be changed, and this is an important feature. The game features seven vehicles, each of which has a different reaction to touching. The cube-shaped car is controlled by holding down the screen while you jump. To move up or down in the spaceship you can hold and release your control stick. Contacting the ball changes gravity from earth to air. In UFO you can launch yourself into the air when you touch the screen. However, to continue moving diagonally up, you need to maintain your grip. For you to move downward diagonally, you have to let go. Gravity reverses its effect. You can finally control the robot's jump by gripping the robot and releasing. The game has an editor that allows you to create levels. A practice mode is available to help improve your skills. Access additional icons and colors to customize your character, alter gravity, and launch rockets.

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